Motorcycle accidents differ from other accidents. There are various challenges that victims may face when dealing with a motorcycle accident. For example, after an accident, victims may not know what they should do, how they should proceed with their claim, how much compensation they are eligible for, whether they are eligible to file a claim, and more.

Fortunately, you can contact an Illinois personal injury attorney to help you understand whether you are eligible for filing a claim and the appropriate ways to approach your claim.

Challenges victims may encounter in a motorcycle accident.

Below are a few common challenges a victim may face.

  1. Incurring severe physical injuries:
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Often, motorcycle accidents cause severe physical injuries due to their hazardous nature and lack of safety compared to cars. Although your helmet can protect you from severe brain injuries, getting injured in other body areas is common. Victims can incur severe bodily injuries, including fractures, stitches, back problems, muscle tears, etc.

  1. Not having sufficient evidence:

Following your accident, you may not be prepared for the steps to take after the accident. This can cause the claimant not to collect evidence, such as taking pictures of the accident scene and injuries, not taking information from the other driver involved, failing to report the accident to law enforcement, and not taking information from the witnesses.

  1. Unable to find a good attorney for your case:
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Contacting an attorney is essential after your accident. An attorney can ensure all your paperwork is in line and you get the maximum settlement. However, finding a reliable attorney is one of the most common challenges victims go through. When choosing an attorney, ensure you select the one who has experience dealing with similar cases to yours.

  1. Getting trapped in the insurance company’s tricks:

 If you have a high-cost claim, the insurance company will likely try to prove you were liable or find other loopholes to lower or deny your compensation. The insurance company will use various tactics against the claimant to ensure they do not have to pay much to the victim. Therefore, to make sure you do not get trapped in the insurance company’s tactics, work with an experienced attorney by your side.

  1. Failure to settle the case out of court:
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Settling the case out of court has its perks because it saves your time and efforts. Most motorcycle accident claims are settled out of court, but if your case is complicated, it will likely go to trial, which can delay your compensation.


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