Bookkeeping is the documentation of financial transactions that includes sales, purchases, receipts, and payments by an organization or an individual. It provides the details about the economy of the firm to business authorities.

Various reasons make bookkeeping and accounting services in Singapore crucial for business setup. The service assists the firm to make better managerial and financial decisions. It also sets the financial standard of the business that determines the success of the company. Furthermore, it’s a legal requirement to maintain precise accounting records for operating a company in Singapore.

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Purpose of Bookkeeping and accounting services:

  • Documentation of Business transaction: Bookkeeping and accounting services keep a systematic record of entire financial transactions that occur over time. It saves your time as it is easier to get details about the cash flow of the business whenever needed.
  • Budgeting and Planning: Accounting services help to plan the financial trip of your company. It sets the financial benchmark and allots the capital to particular aspects of your firm, such as tools and machineries, labour, inventory, etc. It helps you to plan your budget and predict future requirements of the firm.
  • Ease the decision-making process: Decision-making is a crucial and difficult task in the firm. You may have to make decisions about cost-cuttings, product pricing, employee incentives, recruitments, inventory and resources expenditures. Accounting services in Singapore assist to estimate the fund and provide thoughtful decisions to run the firm smoothly.
  • Interpreting business statistics: Bookkeeping and accounting keeps records, measures and compares the performance of your firm with past reports. This gives you a clear view of where your company stands.
  • Taxes & Legal requirements: Tax accounting services ensure filing taxes on time and thus, keeps your company within the boundary of legal requirements. Likewise, maintaining bookkeeping and accounting services helps you to comply with the jurisdiction of Singapore.
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Importance of Outsourcing Bookkeeping & Accounting Services in Singapore

  • Enhance financial resources: outsourcing accountant service reduces your costs. You need to pay only for their services. All the operating costs are reduced. The expenses of paid leave, insurance, payroll costs, etc are eliminated.
  • Updated software and technology: accounting firms use the latest technologies that help you to get an updated account of your finance. This way you can stay out of costly software prices in Singapore.
  • Expertise accountant: Outsourcing accounting services means engaging experts to handle your business transactions, taxes, and budgets. Accounting firms ensure you meet all the legal requirements. They guarantee to complete the work on time with proper accuracy.
  • Keeps track of business: Accounting firms with bookkeeping and accounting services provide essential tools to monitor the finances regularly. 3E Accounting works together to assure you understand all the accounts, records and helps you in company setup.


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