Ravshana Matchanova (such is the maiden name of the actress) was born in a purely creative environment. Her father, Bahram Matchanov, is a famous theater actor, and her mother, Ariees, is an actress and director. Having given birth to a daughter, she left for Moscow to complete her studies at VGIK, and the girl was left in the care of her grandmother, an obstetrician-gynecologist by profession. With the return of her mother, little has changed in the girl’s life – her parents disappeared at rehearsals and filming, and the girl was under the control of a strict grandmother and, on the contrary, a very gentle grandfather, whom Ravshana remembers with great love.

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If possible, the parents nevertheless took the girl with them to the shooting or to the theater, and Ravshana loved such days very much. But Bahram and Rano were opposed to Ravshana embarking on a creative path, convincing her that it was better to master some serious profession. The girl herself then dreamed of becoming a ballerina. In one of the most famous music schools in Central Asia, the Uspensky Music School in Tashkent, she studied piano and vocals. When Ravshana was 14 years old, she was assigned to a lyceum, a branch of the University of London, where all subjects were taught in English.

After graduating from school, Ravshana moved to Moscow with her mother (by that time her parents had separated). In the capital, she entered the Faculty of Philology of the Pedagogical University. After receiving a diploma, Ravshana got a job on television – she worked behind the scenes: she was a talk show editor and assistant director.

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But the acting genes nevertheless made themselves felt – the girl became a student of the Higher Directing Courses and personally studied acting from the teacher of the Shchepkinsky school Tatyana Pyshnova.

Ravshana’s film debut took place back in 1992, in the philosophical drama The Secret of the Ferns, an arthouse project directed by Rashid Malikov. Even then, the 12-year-old actress had to make certain sacrifices and cut her hair short, because of which she was sad for a long time. After moving to Moscow, Ravshana appeared in episodes in films and TV shows, but there were no main roles for a long time. After the role in the film “Meter Daughters”, the case moved forward.

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The actress became widely known for her work on the TV series Barvikha (TNT) about the school life of golden youth, where she played the local beauty queen Angela. In 2009, Kurkova was 29 years old, but she played a schoolgirl quite convincingly. In 2014, Channel One showed the series “And in our yard …”, where Kurkova convincingly played the main role – the janitor Mavlyuda, a mother of many children who came to Moscow from Uzbekistan in search of her missing husband.

Ravshan Kurkov also plays on the theater stage, often in art-house private performances.

Personal life of Ravshana Kurkova

For the first time, Ravshana married as a student. Her husband was the photographer Semyon Kurkov. But a tragedy happened – Ravshana’s pregnancy stopped developing in the fifth month. The loss of a child did not unite, but separated the spouses, they filed for divorce. Ravshana left the surname received in marriage.

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The second husband of Ravshana was the actor Artem Tkachenko. The family union lasted four years. Popularity fell upon Artyom after the film “Swordsman”, the attention of the press and the public was new to him. Artem wanted parties, and Ravshana wanted family comfort. In addition, according to Kurkova, her husband was not ready to have children. This predetermined the fate of their relationship.

In 2012, Ravshana began to appear at events accompanied by businessman and producer Alexas Morgan. They lived together for four years and broke up in 2016. In the summer of 2017, fans saw an engagement ring on the brunette’s ring finger. Familiar actresses assured that she got married with her lover, 26-year-old actor and stuntman Stanislav Rumyantsev, but Kurkova herself only laughed at the rumors.

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