Vacations are meant for entertainment and making memories. Spending time at home is not like living the vacation. The best spot you can explore this vacation is US Virgin Islands. 

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US Virgin Islands consist of almost 100 cays and islands. Each island boasts its unique attraction and beauty. These appealing islands are known for their water sports and underwater adventures. With family, these islands become more enjoyable and memorable places. Let’s explore the best islands of the US Virgin Islands to visit with family.

St. Thomas:

One of the most vibrant Islands is Saint Thomas.  Its beauty is not only in nature but the hotels, golf courses, shopping, and the world’s best dining also add to its charms. You can discover the green hills and the attractive beaches. Jet skiing is the best thrilling activity you can do there. Moreover, you can dive into the water and swim with gorgeous dolphins and explore nature’s creatures.

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Don’t forget to visit buck Island in St. Thomas. It is a pristine natural park with a famous underwater track that attracts snorkelers of all levels.

Furthermore, Magen’s Bay is also a worth visiting beach in St. Thomas.

St. John:

For relaxation, St. John is best as its atmosphere is calm and serene. You can find beautiful birds and gorgeous marine creatures at St. John. Though it is the smallest island among all US Virgin Islands. Yet it consists of several trails and beaches to visit. Trunk Bay at St John is considered one of the local treasures. It is famous for its underwater trail. Moreover, Corel Bay and Cruz Bay are also worth visiting sites. If you want to visit the energetic site of St John, visit Cruz Bay. For spending more time with nature coral bay is best for you.

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St. Croix:

The largest and most attractive virgin island in the US is Saint Croix. It’s a home for divers and snorkelers. There are almost 200 acres of underwater pathways. To watch turtles and eel you can visit cane bay as well. Underwater you will find a cane bay wall that is a giant cliff descending downwards.

In addition, Frederiksted is one of the forts that highlights the history of St Croix. Or you can visit the St. Croix Museum as well to see the art and culture of St Croix.


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