Summer, vacations, trips … Those of us who have children at home know how important it is to keep them entertained while traveling, during the dead hours of hotel stays, at the pool or the beach, and when visiting restaurants. It is also a perfect time to spend more quality time playing with the family. In this list of travel games you will find board, card, logic, skill or solitaire games from 4 dollars and for all ages.

Mini Balance Tower

The TrueBalance Mini Balance Tower is perfect for testing the skill of the whole family. It consists of stacking the different geometric figures on an oscillating semi-sphere depending on the color indicated by the die. You can play it in a group or alone. It is made of wood and includes a cloth bag to store. This product has no match in travel games.

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Magnetic Tic Tac

Refinery and Co’s Magnetic Tic Tac Toe is an adaptation of the classic board game of a lifetime. Magnetized parts make it a great travel option. It costs only $28 on Amazon.

Master Mind 

Retro Master Mind is a deductive logic game for 2 players. One of them hides the color combination that the other must guess by means of markers that show him what colors his opponent has and instead they are. It is super entertaining and also very cheap.

Tangram Kids

The children’s version of Tangram Kids costs just $ 8.99 on Amazon and includes colored wooden pieces and 50 shaded figures that players will need to be able to design with these geometric pieces. It encourages logical thinking and spatial perception. It can also be played solo.

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Water Game

Battat’s water game is a very simple and fun solitaire that recalls our own childhood games. Helps develop fine motor skills, aim, hand-eye coordination and skill.

Travel Bingo

Fournier has a huge variety of compact size magnetic games for traveling. This Magnetic Travel Bingo can be found on Amazon for $ 8.99.


Perplelux is a very original 3D puzzle. It is a maze ball that tests our ingenuity and manual skill. It is very easy game to learn but difficult to master. In the 3D maze enclosed in a transparent sphere, we select the track that we would like to traverse, and then we work with gravity, direction changes, rotate the sphere, etc. to get the little marble to complete the tour without falling off the track. It has several starting points and consists of 100 challenges.

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Battleship Classic

Battleship Classic Board Game(the classic sink the fleet ) is head-to-head battleship strategy game for 2 players. 

Connect 4

This version of Hasbro’s Connect 4 combines the classic 4 in a row game with a light and compact version ideal for travel. There are other beautiful wooden versions but this is perfect for playing on vacation.

The Mind

The Mind is a novelty from Pandasaurus. A multi-awarded card game to play silently.

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Wooden Maze

There are many versions of this maze-style solitaire with a marble inside. This  Wooden Maze is handcrafted in Pakistan,although it is for playing solo, you can also play scoring in turns.

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Nature’s Challenges

The Nature’s Challenges series are card games from the BIOVIVA house, a brand committed to the environment, which show us the most incredible wild animals on our planet. With incredibly illustrated letters with real photographs, Nature’s Challenges shows the characteristics and particularities of both known animals and those that are in danger of extinction. 

Story Cubes

Story Cubes by Asmodée is an original and fantastic dice game to tell stories that we invent ourselves based on what the images of the cubes inspire us in each roll. 


Mattel’s UNO card game is already a classic. It is one of the most fun we have at home and they play from children to grandparents! 

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Who I am? 

Who I am?  is a fun Haba game in which we put on a diadem with a card that we cannot see and we have to find out what we are thanks to the clues that others give us. It comes in a tin box which is a format that I love because it preserves the materials very well. 

Blowing the cake

Blowing the cake  is also from Haba. It is a game of skill in which the kids have to blow to get the tiles in their corresponding places. Puff games are also especially recommended by children’s speech therapists to promote speech development.

High Voltage

High Voltage  is a mathematical addition and subtraction card game. Boosts mental calculation and speed of calculation. It’s so fun, simple, and addicti+ve! 

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 Iq Puzzler Pro

Smart Games has a good collection of logic games to play alone. Iq Puzzler Pro is one of the coolest. It can be played on its box-board horizontally or vertically (in 3D).

Bogoss card game

Djeco’s Bogoss card game is hilarious and the kids love it because the cards glow in the dark! The game dynamics is very simple and entertaining, it consists of forming a skeleton, for which we will have to get the appropriate cards to complete the figure.

The Enchanted Tower

This year Devir has released the travel version of his popular and multi-award-winning children’s board game  The Enchanted Tower. 


Hangman  is Melissa & Doug’squirky Hangman , which includes magnetized pieces and an erasable marker pen so kids can play anywhere. 

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Butt Matts

Butt Matts  is a novelty from Cife that you can find in Nabumbu. You can see it in detail and know how to play on YouTube. It is original, fun, works the skill and logic of children and helps them understand the behavior of magnetic fields. It comes with an original case. We have had it for a month and we played a lot with it.


Asmodée ‘s Dobble is a game that has become enormously popular. It is a fun and dynamic round card game where speed, reflexes and observation skills are put to the test.

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Think Fun’s Amaze has 16 mazes on 1 single board. It is enough to consult the instructions that are recorded behind the game board to gradually increase the level of difficulty of each test thanks to its tabs, which modify the entire trajectory. We also play a lot in the pool and on trips.

Game of Emotions

The Mutkids Game of Emotions is fantastic. It is used to teach the little ones to identify and express their emotions. This game also strengthens the family bond and encourages dialogue between parents and children. It can be played anywhere and there are also multilanguage and even multilingual versions to practice languages!

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Sum Fun 

Sum Fun  by Sum Fun Games is a very curious game: it is like Scrabble, but with mathematical operations instead of words. 


This beautiful wooden Memory from Le Toy Van has me in love. Surely it does not take long to fall at home … hehe. It is played as with any other memory: we spread all your chips face down on the table or the floor and we go around them in pairs until we find the ones that are identical. This is how we work memory and visual recognition.

Emotio card game

Emotio card game  has some fantastic illustrations and is used to work on emotional intelligence, teaching children to recognize and identify emotions. We have a very similar one from another firm and it is fantastic.

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Touch Memory Game

The Goki touch memory game because it is worth a lot. We have an artisanal variant that we bought during a summer vacation in France and it is already in tow, so we do not rule out replacing it very soon with this one. It is a sensory activity related to Montessori pedagogy suitable for all ages from 3 years (arox.) They also have other educational games perfect for traveling and cheaper, in case you want to take a look.

As a bonus, if you are passionate about board games, and you want to indulge yourself, I recommend you have a look at Amazon where you have the travel edition of one of the most famous, award-winning and popular travel games in the world: Catan from Devir for $44 (yes, I know: already at the limit of the family budget, that on holidays there are many expenses … But you will use it for decades so it is worth adding to your family toy library!).

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Well, as you can see there are travel games of all kinds, for all tastes and ages, to play alone or in groups, entertainment or educational, to develop all kinds of skills and with prices that adapt to all budgets. In fact, most of the games that we propose in this post are below $ 15 and are timeless. Also, if you take good care of them you are going to enjoy them for many years.

Do you have a favorite travel games at home? I look forward to hearing from you! 


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