Our pets and paws are our family members, and we love them as we do our kids. Our pets and paws also need care and healthy growth to fight against health challenges. In short, your pets behave like kids and demand love, maintenance, and healthy life. Sometimes they have fallen sick or ill in this way they need someone who can understand them properly. If you are searching for the best care for your pets and give them regular check-ups, the Ashby animal clinic is the best place for your pets.

Pet’s healthy growth 

As our kids need healthy growth measures to fight future problems same, our pets need healthy growth. In healthy growth include a healthy diet and basic training to do the task. Ashby animal clinic helps you to create a healthy environment and guides your food for your pets.

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 Grooming for Pets

our pets want to love and care for them like our children, we want them to look cool, and stylist Ashby animal clinic offers you to select style and make your pet look more pretty and cool.

  • This one-stop shop offers full grooming and styling, as well as bathing, nail cutting, dealing with filthy or matted coats, teeth brushing, breath refreshing, and other treatments.
  •  Discuss the pet’s age, breed, overall health, any medical problems or allergies, physical limits, sensitivities, and temperament, among other things.
  • Find out the groomer’s education, length and amount of experience, certification, and see if they have an amiable attitude toward the pets.
  • Ensure that high-quality shampoos, rinses, and conditioners are as gentle and natural as possible and not harsh ones laden with chemicals.

Pet’s therapies

  1. Ashby animal clinic offers stem cell therapy that ensures your pet’s health and allows them to fight against injuries. Osteoarthritis and other damage to joints, bones, spinal cords, and tendons are treated with it. 

           It efficiently replaces diseased cells with healthy ones, allowing the body to operate         normally.  

  • Blood plasma containing concentrated platelets, proteins, and growth factors is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). It can help with ligament or tendon injuries, joint disorders, and osteoarthritis pain. 

It’s a natural and safe cell treatment that utilizes your pet’s blood to ease pain, shorten recovery times, stimulate bone or cartilage regeneration, and speed up healing. In the veterinary sector, regenerative medicine continues to make significant progress.

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Emergencies services

 Knowing that emergency treatment is accessible at Veterinary Emergency Service when the Ashby Animal Clinic is closed during regular hour’s offers you peace of mind. 

The Veterinary Emergency Service is open on weekends, holidays, and evenings.

Pet Pharmacy

Having their pet pharmacy allows the vets to stock the medicines and foods that they recommend. You can set regular deliveries right to your home or office with free shipping. Frequent specials and discounts are offered.

Easy to contact

Suppose your pet needs any cure or grooming. In that case, you can easily contact Ashby animal clinic quickly. You can visit the official website, and you can email or can call our numbers available. You can call us for any emergency. We are here for your pet.

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