Over the last decade, the number of car accidents in Connecticut has consistently increased. To put it another way, every licensed motorist in Connecticut has a one-in-twenty-five probability of getting involved in an automobile accident this year.

Identifying the causes of these catastrophes is the first step in preventing them and saving lives. With that in mind, here are the top five causes of Connecticut vehicle accidents, as well as techniques for avoiding a possibly fatal collision.

Driving to closely 

In more than 30% of all Connecticut car accidents, following too closely is a major contributing cause. This type of collision is frequently the result of another problem, such as distracted or aggressive driving.

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The “three-second rule” is the most effective approach to avoid these collisions. Pick a place that they pass (a line on the road, a sign, etc.) and start counting Mississippi while following them. You should slow down and give the other motorist some room if you pass the specified point but haven’t reached three Mississippi

They are not giving way to the vehicle at the back. 

In Connecticut, one out of every eight car accidents is caused by failing to provide the right of way. The circumstances surrounding these collisions differ significantly. Failure to yield to pedestrians, risky unprotected left turns, highway merging concerns, and turning right against a stoplight are just a few examples.

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Whatever the leading cause, it’s usually a case of negligent driving and drivers who aren’t paying attention to what’s going on around them. Using defensive driving techniques is the most excellent approach to avoid this type of collision. To put it another way, take your time. Before turning at an intersection or lights, come to a complete stop. Expect other drivers to make poor decisions all of the time. It’s acceptable to wait; there’s no harm in waiting for another opportunity.

Losing control over the vehicle while driving 

The failure to provide the right of way causes nearly as many accidents as losing control of the vehicle. These collisions can be due to poor road conditions (such as icy roads), but they are more common due to poor vehicle maintenance or speeding. Tire blowouts and braking failure are two of the most common causes of vehicle loss of control. As a result, you must rotate your tyres every 3,000 miles and get your brakes replaced every 50,000 miles. Maintaining the car will keep your vehicle in good shape and limit the chances of an accident caused by maintenance.

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Speeding is directly responsible for nearly one-tenth of all crashes and fatalities in Connecticut. Unfortunately, most drivers are unaware of the dangers of exceeding the speed limit by 5-10 miles per hour. Not only is it more challenging to keep control of a fast car, but the force of contact in a speeding incident is always more significant than in a crash at the speed limit, increasing the risk of severe injury or even death. 

Speeding is frequently the result of either aggressive or distracted driving. Take a minute to concentrate your attention on the road and coast down to a safe speed if you notice you’re traveling much faster than the speed limit.

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Drunk driving

Intoxicated driving accounts for only around 3% of all crashes in Connecticut, but it is the leading cause of fatal car accidents. Unfortunately, many drivers are unaware that even a single drink might impair their driving ability. 

According to one study, drivers with BACs as low as 0.01 per cent had slower reaction times and were more likely to be involved in a crash. So it’s a two-pronged problem to avoid crashes caused by intoxicated drivers. 

To begin, all drivers must refrain from driving when under the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs, or new prescriptions. Second, we should all do our share to report dangerous drivers who swerve across the road to avoid a collision. 

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Even the most cautious drivers are involved in collisions from time to time. An attorney can assist you if you’ve been in a car accident. Your legal team can handle all of the paperwork, phone calls, and bargaining that comes with a car accident, allowing you to focus on getting better. At the same time, your attorney negotiates the settlement you require to go forward. 

You might have a case of a seriously injured car accident. Schedule a free case consultation with a Connecticut automobile accident lawyer today.


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