Because of the health crisis of 2020 that lingered until 2021, companies are shifting their marketing gears. As a result, they are into influencer marketing more than ever. So if someone asks you if influencer marketing is dead, tell them it’s not. In fact, this $13.8 billion won’t go away anytime soon.

These trends are worth looking into come 2022, and they will inform what influencer marketing services to acquire.

1) Data will take precedence over other factors

There are several influencer marketing channels to work with today. To avoid wasting the marketing budget, companies and agencies are implementing and data-driven approach for each channel. Insights are vital because they will inform the entire campaign process.

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Further, four out of 10 brands are already investing 10 to 20% of their budget to influencer marketing. Therefore, it will be more critical to determine how the campaign will drive return on investment. Quantifying data means tracking the returns for each influencer.

From nano to mega influencers, working with diverse influencer categories is also paramount for extended leverage. Nonetheless, the purpose is not just on generating higher returns but also achieving greater marketing efficiency.

2) Always-on influencer marketing is the likely approach

Before, influencer marketing campaigns were either short or long-term, requiring a few days to a few months. Today, however, brands will not wait for the first influencer marketing campaign to finish to start a new one一the would overlap, also known as the always-on approach.

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Multiple touchpoints are essential to be the top-of-mind brand. Instead of a one-off campaign, always-on campaigns provide for the “moments of need” and convert prospects into paying customers.

Such an approach further optimizes the campaign. It was owing to the role of the influencer in creating content that matters to their target audience. Influencer marketing no longer exists in a silo or compartmentalized. Instead, it will be always-on a marketing approach.

3) Cross-channel campaigns are important

Such an approach is also channel-inclusive. It makes sense because the average social media user has up to twelve accounts. Brands need to adapt, and there is no other way to do it today than through cross-channel influencer marketing.

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While you may think that platforms are the same, the truth is they cater to a diverse range of users. For example, your target market could be on Instagram, but not necessarily on Facebook. So, it also pays to understand your audience to serve them better with the right type of content and the suitable influencers to tap the services of.

Good thing, recycling content is possible today, although there should be some tweaks here and there to cater to social platform requirements and make it more relevant to the users of the platforms. This is how the entire campaign can be brand-relevant and platform-appropriate at the same time.

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Combining the data-driven, always-on approach in creating a cross-channel campaign is critical in influencer marketing in 2022. Combining strategies and tactics is really what influencer marketing is about. They render comprehensiveness, making the influencer marketing campaign more efficient, generating the desired results and returns from the process.


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