Do you know that different types of fibres are made into doona? Having the right doona is crucial to get a good night’s sleep. The majority of doonas follow a very simple numerical rating for their warmth, considering these are popularly used during winter. The rule of thumb is, the higher the number of warmth, the warmer the doona is. Here are some handy and very useful tips to guide you in the right direction when buying a doona.

Choosing the Filling of Your Doona

There are many options in choosing the type of doona filling. You can choose from wool doona, or maybe cotton, and other materials which have different qualities. It would be excellent if you remembered that there are two main categories of filling, the natural and synthetic. Or you can choose a blend of these two.

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Here is a detailed answer that gives you a clearer understanding of the natural and synthetic types of doona filling.

  • Natural– You have many options if you opt to choose a natural doona filling. You can choose feather from duck or goose. You can choose from wool, cotton, silk, bamboo, and even eucalyptus. Natural doona fillings are far more breathable than synthetic fillings. However, they will cost you extra compared to synthetic fillings.
  • Synthetic– This type of filling is made from artificial fibres commonly known as polyester and microfibre. They are cheaper than natural fibre used for doona filling. They are also nice for people who have allergic reactions to natural fibre, such as feathers. Synthetic doona filling offers pretty much the same as natural fillings. However, they are less comfortable and provide lesser warmth. You need to add an extra layer of doona to keep yourself warm, especially during winter compared to using wool doona.
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Determine the Quality

Your doona’s quality varies from its manufacturing standards and materials. As with most things you do in life, you commonly get for what you have paid for. However, it would help if you made comparisons in terms of the doona specifications. It is to help you decide which one can provide you with the best comfort and quality. When determining the quality of your doona, you must check for these specifications.

  • Filling: Make sure you know what kind of filling your doona has inside.
  • Cover-You must choose a doona that uses good-quality cotton to ensure its longevity and its durability.
  • Brand: Never settle for any brand which offers cheap doonas that are too good to be true with its price tag. Always choose the trusted brands of doona makers and beddings.

Determine Your Style

Lastly, it would help determine the appropriate style of doona, which matches your bedroom’s interior design. Although it is not completely important to do this, having a nicely-designed doona makes your bedroom more welcoming and cosier. Thus, it would help if you bought a doona which matches your beddings’ colour, or you can match it with your bedroom wall’s colour or interior design.

In general, it would be nice to choose neutral-coloured doonas to easily fit in with your bedroom’s interior design.

Doonas is an essential part of your bedding. Thus, you must not overlook its qualities when purchasing one for yourself or your loved ones. Always rely on the tips mentioned above to get a comfortable and warm sleep at night.


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